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ProTeam Artist

In August 2022, RayBeth was signed to traveling ProTeam, Team Fliction. The Team, lead by former Ink Master contestant Al Fliction, travels to conventions in over 20 states across America. In 2023 Ray continued touring with the team, until ultimately branching off independently as an artist, and continuing traveling with the villain arts circuit. In 2024 RayBeth has already done many great shows. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, she will have to cut the year short on tour, but will return in 2025 full force and ready to continue leaving her mark on the world. Final 2024 tour Cities include Raleigh, NC, Orlando, FL and Denver, CO. Convention minimum is $300 and day rates begin at $1,500. Please use contact form to inquire. Cities announced on Instagram @RayBethInk

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