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  • All appointments require a non refundable deposit that holds your appointment. 

  • Consent form must be filled out before appointment time and can be located under the documents tab on this website. 

  • Listed prices are just a generalized minimum and actual price will be determined by size, detail, and placement of your chosen design.

  • Gift Certificate Appointments MUST be discussed with the issuing artist prior to booking. If you book without discussing, your booking fee is non refundable and your requested appointment will be denied.

  • Read all rules before committing to book. Once you send a payment you are agreeing to all rules. 

  • CANCELLATIONS: you MUST give no LESS than 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule in order to keep your deposit on credit. If you have to cancel last minute, you will lose your deposit, and need to pay a new one to schedule. If you no call no show, you lose your deposit and will not be able to reschedule for one year. 

  • If you aren't sure which service to book PLEASE use our contact form below or contact your artist directly for guidance. 

  • Design will be available for final review at your appointment.   

  • All Consults will be done virtually through preferred contact method. When booking be sure to include as much information as possible for your requested design to ensure a smooth process and accurate quote and time management. 

  • YOU MUST CONFIRM WITH YOUR ARTIST PRIOR TO BOOKING! Failing to contact your artist may result in cancellation of your appointment and forfeiture of your deposit.

  • LATE FEE: We allow a 15 minute grace period for every appointment. After 15 minutes we reserve the right to add a $20 late charge to your final total. After 30 min your artist has the right to cancel your appointment and keep your deposit. 

  • When booking with an artist you are giving them your trust. A booking is a commitment to your artist and an agreement that you understand what you are committing to. Our artists are dedicated to giving you the highest quality experience and an art piece to last you a life time. Trust the process. 

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