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Aim to Inkspire

Nestled on the border of Amherst and Lorain, behind a divine little Italian restaurant, there is a small Body Art Studio where hundreds of people visit a year for their body mod needs. INKspired Studios, LLC was established in May 2018 by owner/artist Rachel "RayBeth" Grasso. Beginning as a one chair studio, the mission of INKspired was just that. To Inspire clients with INK. Yet the studio has become so much more. A safe place to get come get body art, while feeling like you've found a home in the tattoo chair. Since its grand opening, the studio has seen some students, some success stories, some sorrows, and some set backs. Today, operating again as a single chair studio due to the pandemic, the business is thriving and branching out into endless possibilities. When owner, Rachel Grasso, first came up with the idea, she knew the studio would be home to much more than tattoos in the future. With that being said, take a look around and see what INKspired Studios has to offer you.

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